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For optical fiber material analysis
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Light is the spread of the straight line. But in practice, people want to change the direction of propagation of the light. The emergence of fiber optic lighting, is based on the limited time, the change of the light propagation direction to realize the flexible transmission of light.
For fiber material, must be within the scope of the visible light, light energy should be minimum loss, to ensure the quality of lighting. But in fact impossible without loss, so the optical fiber transmission distance, about 30 m or so for the best.
Optical fiber composed of liquid polymer polymerization, with strong sex of light transmission, power saving, durable, no heat, no pollution, flexible, can change color, with a range of environmental adaptation, safe use, etc. Fiber optic light mode can be divided into soft sweet line optical fiber optical fiber and gleaming point, widely used in building decoration lighting, landscape decoration lighting, heritage crafts lighting, lighting, special occasions billboards, entertainment venues and other decorative lighting engineering.
Optical fiber has a single stocks, shares and reticular three. For single strands of optical fiber, its diameter is Ф 6 ~ 20 mm Ф. At the same time can be divided into two kinds of, body and end emitters. Optical fiber for many strands are side light. Many strands of the diameter of the fiber is 0.5 ~ 3 mm Ф Ф commonly, the number of shares common a few to hundreds of root.
The reticular fiber were fine glow fiber diameter of body composition. Flexible band may be set up.
Ordinary optical fiber type solid line light fiber, PVC solid wire solid point naked light fiber and thermoplastic fiber optical fiber, PVC solid core point.
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